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Creating Beauty Through Music

The North Palm Youth Symphony is a 501(c)3 educational organization dedicated to providing students a world class string education and orchestral experience in an inclusive, positive and nurturing environment.

Our Vision for Music Education

Music is deeply transformative. Throughout history, there is no better example of this transformative power than the effect music had on the youth of Venezuela over a half a century. Jose Antonio Abreu, founder and leader of Venezuela’s iconic El Sistema program believed passionately that music could transform lives. He founded El Sistema in the 1970s and envisioned using music as a vehicle for social change, changing the lives of millions and sparking a world wide movement. By keeping children heavily involved in the arts through the collective, disciplined, rigorous endeavor of the creation of beauty through music, developing human sensibilities only achieved through the experience of the fine arts, which cultivate ethical and aesthetic values inherent in process of creating music as a community, children and families would be transformed through the experience and access to a new world of riches for the human spirit. Through this involvement children are elevated, uplifted and their communities transformed. Music as a vehicle for social change. 

I have the inherent belief that human beings possess unlimited potential to thrive and live rich and joyful lives. This idea has driven me passionately in the classroom to help each and every child discover, embrace and reach for the very best version of themselves and reach their fullest potential.


As an artist and educator, I find teaching a profoundly joyful and powerful experience, as I guide young musicians through their very personal journey in discovering and growing in the artform. In this transformative process, we will experience and create music, grow as musician and artists, and ultimately grow more deeply as human beings.

I hope you are as excited about this journey as I am. 


Victor Fernandez

Artistic Director


Photo: Former Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu and Victor Fernandez

"There is not top. There are always further heights to reach." - Jascha Heifetz

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Photo: Sofia Salazar, NPYS graduate, graduating class of 2024, attending University of Central Florida

"I loved my experience with NPYS, as my school did not have an orchestra program, I was able to continue to grow as a musician and keep playing the instrument I love. I was also a able to stay connected with my friends from Elementary school all through High School, and made many wonderful new friends. My experience with NPYS is one I will carry with me forever - Sofia Salazar "

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