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North Palm Youth Symphony

Come as you are, and grow from there...

Intensive Rehearsals

Intensive rehearsals will develop students' musical and technical abilities on their instrument, improve their ensemble  skills, and develop their independence as players. 

Challenging Repertoire

The music selected will be appropriately programmed to the level of each ensemble. As technical and musical abilities increase, so will the difficulty of the material selected. Students are expected to practice and are highly encouraged to listen to the music in their practice. 

All Inclusive - High Quality Experience

The purpose of these sessions are to develop the whole musician. This includes expanding the player's understanding of music theory, music history, solfege and sight reading in addition to offering players a challenging and rewarding orchestral experience.

Structure of our Program 

Our year is divided into two sessions: Fall and Spring. Accommodating families' needs drives our design, so we designed our year as two sessions to give families maximum flexibility around the school year calendar, Holidays, Thanksgiving, Spring break and Summer break. 

Approach to Mastering the Fundamentals

Our goal is to provide each and every student a comprehensive, world class music, string and orchestral education. This includes learning and mastering fundamentals ranging from music theory, reading, musicianship and ensemblemanship, to the instrument, technique, tone production, vibrato, shifting and other advanced technique.


Flexible Tuition Payment Options

Tuition can be paid in one of two ways. The first option is a single payment (processed as a one time payment covering the entire session) for the complete full Fall or Spring sessions as they open for registration. 

The second option is monthly payments for the Fall or Spring session, which allows families to pay for the complete Fall or Spring session in four equal installments. This option will bill monthly a total of 4 times, and is based on tuition spread over 4 billing cycles with no interest or any additional fees.

Incoming Students

All incoming students go through a placement process to determine the ensemble that is the best educational fit for the child. In order to audition into our program, please see our audition requirements page. 

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